How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings in Philippines

When you are working hard for something, the best feeling would be seeing results from your hard work. As I started making money online  through different methods in the last couple of years, I can say that I haven’t had that much of a success. Most of my income still comes from doing freelance work.

I would say that I have not been motivated enough in the last couple of months. I have been through a break up, been mostly playing computer games and have been drinking a lot. I haven’t updated my sites and my passive income before went almost back to zero as of now. About a few days ago, I came with this Reddit post about a cold reality check of being an Entrepreneur. It really kept me thinking about the dream I always had, and I have been really slaking off. What I did, is I started to reorganize myself. Check out the sites that I have been making money and list all my future plans.

Google Adsense is in the top of my list to promote. I have made some money from the network and what I want to do  is promote it more to increase my revenue. I just want to share is that everyone can make money with Adsense and it’s not that hard to start with. Once you got yourself a hosting for your site and a domain name, you can start adding content and apply Adsense to your site. It’s not that hard to start but it’s also not easy to build a highly profitable blog or website.

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Withdrawing Google Adsense Earnings in Philippines

Most people here in the Philippines are still not aware of online freelancing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Networking, SEO and etc, and the thing is, they don’t have any ideas at all and they are missing the opportunity. Some start blogging and stop after not seeing results in the first weeks or months.

One of a good opportunity to promote for Filipino bloggers is Google Adsense. I was amazed how easy to withdraw your earnings from the network. Once you passed the payment threshold, you will paid in the next billing period. I have used Western Money payment option. Google will send a transaction document that you can present to a Western Money branch to get your earnings.

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