Visual Editor Not Working in WordPress 4.2 Fix

It got me frustrated when suddenly, my visual editor stopped working. When creating a new post, all seems to work in accordance except the visual editor. I went to Google and start searching for a solution. Some quick steps that might solve the error are the following:

  • Disabling the plugins
  • Changing the theme to default
  • Disabling the visual editor and re-enabling it
  • Reinstalling WordPress through dashboard

But none of this steps did it for me. I also tried adding Define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); in wpconfig as advised by other people. I also tried changing permission of files. I also disabled Cloudflare that might be giving the error.  Until further search, I have found that it is a Javascript error and it failed to load wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/media/plugin.min.js. tinymce error


The first thing I did to fix the problem was to replace plugin.min.js but it didn’t worked yet. What worked is I replaced the whole wp-includes folder.

PS: I’m not a pro at WordPress and errors are different from different hosting, installation. This has fixed my problem and hopefully will fix the error on other people.