The 16th President of The Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte

Change is coming! These words are now being put into work. Duterte, the candidate I supported in the recent elections is now officially the 16th president of the Philippines. I felt proud watching him while he deliver his speech in his inauguration. I have high hopes that Digong will do a great job as a president. In fact, before in position, he has already did work like freeing hostages and made a lot of preparation.

In the past days, I see posts on FB about the changes that are being implemented. One is project TOKHANG where police officers go houses of identified drug pushers to talk to them. They are giving them chance to stop selling drugs or their lives will be at stake.

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The place I live is also infested with people who regularly use weeds or marijuana . I even know many of them personally. I asked them if what is the situation on weeds in the market and they said that it’s getting harder and harder to get. It seems like that the pushers are really scared of Duterte administration and are playing safe as of now.

My Contribution

In simple ways, there are many things that I can do to help the progress of my country. Even though there is a change in the administration, the lack of discipline of the majority of people is a big problem. Here, I list some of the things I’ll do to help my country.

  1. Be a law abiding citizen and provide help to authorities if needed.

  2. Follow traffic rules, be patient and park at the right places.

  3. Throw garbage on the proper places and help maintain the cleanliness of the community.

  4. Be a productive citizen by having a job and hopefully to provide jobs to other people.

5. Consume and promote local products.

  1. Explore the Philippines.

  2. Love and be kind to fellow Filipinos.

  3. Love and be proud of my country.

I know that Philippines would be a great country again. Hopefully 🙂