Over the years of being in the world of internet. I have came across a lot of really handful resources that helped me with my projects. These are the things that I use or have used in the past. It also serves as my reference.


  1. Bluehost – Fast and affordable hosting. Perfect for starters and have very good customer support.

  2. Hostgator – Hostgator has been in the hosting business for a very long time. First hosting service I used and haven’t had that much of a problem. You can also get a 1c promo for the first month of your hosting.

Domain Name Registration

  1. Namecheap – Is the one I’m currently using as my main domain name registration site.

Sites I Use to Make Money

Here are sites that I’m making money, made money or currently promoting them.

  1. Google Adsense – A good way to monetize your site. Offers different kinds of ads to different kinds of platforms such as for websites, Youtube videos, mobile platforms and etc.

  2. Propeller Ads (View Post) – Already made couple of hundred bucks from the site. Works on sites combined with Adsense so it helps to add some income.

  3. Adfly (View Post) – You can make money from sharing links. Works like where people need to wait 5 seconds before getting to the real link. Also offers Popads. Have used this on sites that I don’t use Adsense as monetization.

Here are Advertising Networks for Adult Traffic

  1. Juicyads – Offers Banner Ads, Pop Unders, Mobile Redirects. Already made around $75 from this site.

5. Popads – Add popads to your adult websites. Already made $90 from this site.

  1. Crakrevenue – Have a lot of offers to promote. Started promoting the site but haven’t made that money from the site yet.

Planning to Promote 

  1. Amazon Affiliates – Make money by promoting Amazon Products.

  2. Ogads – CPA offers, Content Locking and etc.


To be continued . . .