How To Remove Likes From Your Facebook Page

I was about to Rename my Facebook Page but Facebook didn’t allow me because it has more than 200 likes. Since it has only a few more than 200 likes, I looked for a way to remove a few likes to allow me change the name of my page. For pages with many likes, it will take quite a time to remove Facebook fan page likes.

Here our the steps I did I did:
1. Go to the settings of your Facebook Page:

How to remove Facebook Page Likes

  1. On the Settings page, Go to Banned Users.

How to remove Facebook Page Likes

  1. Clicked the Banned button and you click People Who Like This.

How to remove Facebook Page Likes

4. You can see the list of people who liked your page. Click the gear icon on the right are of a subscriber and click remove.

Remove Facebook Fanpage LikesThere you go. You can remove as much as you want or you can also ban or assign page roles with this option.