There’s a good English proverb that says “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. So aside from creating an adult blog to earn extra money, I will also start a site that provides news, trending and entertainment content. These type of sites get a lot of traffic but since it’s hard to compete with so many like sites and authority sites, I’ll be targeting traffic from Filipinos and from social media platforms.

Initial Investment

Domain Name: $12.17 from Namecheap
Hosting: $0 (I have added it to a current hosting service. You can get a Bluehost Hosting or a Hostgator Hosting if you want to start.)
Web Design: $0 (I’ll do all the site design using WordPress platform)
WordPress Theme: $0 Newspaper Theme (A theme I used with this site and other sites)

Total: $12.17

Where Will I Get Content?

The big sites are great in looking for content. Sites like Buzzfeed and Business Insider provides a lot of good daily content. What I’ll do is to gather these sites and add them to my Feedly. I will then pick relevant articles and rewrite them into my site.

My target would be posting around 2-3 articles per day on the site. Once the site is established, I will be hiring part-time article writers to write for the website.

Monetizing the Website

I’ll be putting up content on the site for around 1-2 months before adding monetization. I’m planning to use Google Adsense, Propeller Ads and Amazon Affiliate Program as my primary monetization method.

Traffic & SEO

I know that this site will take a lot of work and effort before making a good amount of money. My main traffic source will be from Social Media. I’ll be explaining more about the process after I have finished setting up the site.

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