Presidentiable Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at Tarlac

It’s a good thing to be in a photography club when you are starting in photography. Like in my case, I started to shoot car shows, weddings, birthdays and many other events. Thanks to the invitation to our group. Although I consider myself a saling kit, I still get the benefits to gain experience and improve myself in photography.

Because elections are near, candidates travel around the Philippines to campaign. Each has their own strategies and most have local political parties in the towns they visit. One of the candidates I witnessed speak personally is Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The candidate that I’m planning to give my vote.

Mayor landed via a chopper here at Tarlac and it looked pretty cool to me because it is not something I see everyday. People gave him a warm welcome and accompanied him to the inside of the building.

duterte (1)

Mayor then started talking about his platforms and I’m amazed on his dedication and sincerity while talking. I’m supposed to be talking pictures but instead, I enjoyed listening to him and found myself sitting and was focused listening the whole time.

duterte (6)

Why do I like Duterte?

I would agree to what Duterte is saying that it is important to deal with drugs, criminality and corruption first before anything else. When I started a computer shop business, I have become friends with a lot of people here in my area. I have also seen what it’s like during night and dawn. What I discovered is that there are too many youth that are in to marijuana and there are some who are shabu users.

The problem is that it is scary to deal with these people personally. We are in a country that it is difficult to trust government officials. If I reported these youngsters, they might hit back on me. Some of the police might be backers of drug syndicates. Since they do not do harm to me, I would place myself on a safe place.

It’s funny what Mar Roxas said about drugs in Davao that he can bring you there and drugs can be easily bought. It just proves that Mar Roxas knows the problem about drugs. I believe that police has all these intelligence reports and know the whereabouts of drug dealers. There is just too much money on drugs and corrupt officials can’t refuse when offered big amounts of money.

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What I also like on Duterte is that the people who supports him are mostly volunteers. People who are looking for a real change. People who are willing to take a share to make Philippines a great country again.