PLDT Power Plus Plan

After posting a review of PLDT Fibr a month ago with positive remarks, I kinda feel disappointed after they released their latest offer Power Plus Plan. They offer 50mbps plans for only P2899/month while I’m paying P3500/month for 20mbps.

I thought that I can upgrade my existing plan for a faster internet and a cheaper bill. I called the customer support of PLDT and it’s not what I expected. My plan P3500/Month is not applicable for an upgrade because it is considered as a downgrade. I’m like WTF? What is the upgrade option available on your site.


The CSR representative then explained that my internet speed will eventually be upgraded for 50mbps. I’m still not satisfied with their catch. Those who will apply for POWER PLUS PLAN before January can double their internet speed to a 100mbps for only P2899/month. Right now, I’m still waiting for the updates on what will be their strategy for us existing fibr customers.

I’m also interested with their iPhone 6s plan that will be for P999/m payable for 3 years. Existing Fibr users are applicable for the said offer.

Feeling a bit bitter, I’m still happy for the improvement of the internet here in the Philippines. I think that PLDT is on the rage of getting new customers and subscribers. Might be because of the coming competition? Well I don’t know.

  • Rico Young

    2 days ago, I got an offer from them that I’ll get speeds of up to 50 Mbps with the Php 3,500.00 plan. As advertised in the website, I was expecting that it would cost Php 2,899.00. And if we apply now until the 31st of January 2016 we’ll get speeds of up to 100 Mbps. However, the sales rep insisted that they’ve got an updated pricing. Too bad. And there’s an additional charge of a Php 199 / month for the box for 1 year. Total of Php 3,699.00. Hopefully, no hidden charges.

    • I hope that they are working on this things and give the customers exactly what they are offering on their website. The P3500/month plan on their site comes with an iPhone 6s. I think I’ll be getting the 6s once it is available.

  • Princess Mia Sanchez

    nag offer ng iphone 6s ag PLDT pero until now wala kami balita tungkol dun since nung nag avail kami matagal ba talaga yun?

    • Mejo matagal tagal pa siguro kase pre-order pa ang nakalagay sa mismong site. Check na lang ung site from time to time.

  • Lewis Long

    For the rate of 100Mbps is that permanent or only until January 31 and then reverts back to 50Mbps? As an American who moved to the Philippines the deception of the promotions offered by companies there leaves me constantly suspicious. Kinda like ‘unlimited data’ on Globe’s Unlisurf that gives you a measely 800mb per day. I actually left the Phils because of the awful internet but when I saw this promotion it made me consider coming back. Do you think I should jump on this promo for the 100Mbps or hold out for Telstra?

    • The 100mbps is for people who will apply until January 31, 2016. I’m pretty much satisfied with my Fibr plan as I’m getting the speed that I’m paying for and rarely experience problems. I’m not sure yet about the plans that Telstra will be offering. You can hold out for Telstra as I think PLDT will not change their offer or will still offer 100mbps later.

    • The truth
      • It just sucks. I read rumors that NTC Blocked Telstra from getting in. We don’t have a choice but to choose a provider the least sucks.

  • mellanie

    how to lock pldt fibr landline? thanks

    • What do you mean by lock?

      • mellanie

        lock – unable to call long distance. thanks

        • You can try calling 171. My plan doesn’t allow me to call long distance.

          • mellanie

            okay. thanks

  • April Zaragoza

    Hi Bryan, I wonder if you know how to activate the Lan 2 and 3 on the Home Fiber Modem, we already call PLDT Tech support but they told us to find a techy person to help us on configuration of those two LAN.

    • Hi April,

      I’m not an expert on configuring the modem itself . I’m using a switch because we use a lot of computers and we need many ports. We basically use the first port on PLDT Fibr modem and connect all our units on the switch. I’m not sure if my 2nd or 3rd port on the modem is activated or not. You can use another router or a switch in case.