PLDT iPhone Plans – Don’t Ever Get One

Please bare with me if my words will not be to nice. It is because of frustration and anger brought by PLDT service. I’m a calm and patient person naturally and wouldn’t mind small delays problems. PLDT is just too much with this situation.

So because I was satisfied with my PLDT Fibr Plan, I have made posts about their new power plus plan and how PLDT upgraded my internet to 50mbps. I have been using PLDT Fibr before the power plus plan rolled out so I was paying already 3,500 php compared to 2,800 php of the power plus plan. I didn’t mind it at all because we are in a lock in period and it is just what I have applied in the first place.

So because PLDT is now offering iPhone 6s and iPhone 5c to PLDT Fibr users, I was interested and ordered an iPhone 5c which costs an additional 200php to my existing 3,500 plan. It contains 300mb internet, 2000 text to all network and 500mins call to smart/pldt. For extra 200 per month, I will have a phone with extra services. Seems to be good.

The problem came in after I received my first billing statement. I was billed 4,655php instead of what I have expected to be around 3700-3800php. I was regularly paying 3,500php monthly and then suddenly it went up that much. I’m like wtf? So my first step was to call CSR as anyone would naturally do. What angered me is that there are so many incompetent PLDT CSR representatives that don’t know what are they saying or doing. Here are some of what they came up on how my bill went up.

  • Sir it went up because your account was prorated.
  • I have been billed with extra usage.
  • I was billed twice.
  • I was billed as iPhone 6s rather than iPhone 5c.
  • It’s really like that.

What made sense is that I was billed with iPhone 6s rather than of iPhone 5c. So they made reports for account adjustments. I have called almost everyday to follow up on the process. I can’t calculate how much time was wasted. Every new agent, it seems like it’s back to start. They don’t even know what was the problem and they were confirming if I got the 5c and not the 6s. Come on PLDT, you better have better system on updating costumer concerns and making notes. Call after call, I would get just these replies: “Follow na lang sir, I’ll make a report, I’ll forward this concern, I’ll call you as soon as possible, etc etc”. I have even requested for a supervisor to assist me to no avail.

So it was weeks and I have to pay, I went to PLDT and talked to a customer representative. She came also to the conclusion that I was billed higher than it should be. This was around February 29 and because I was hesitant to pay the higher amount, she advised me that I can pay before March 8 and try to call and call customer service.

The Rage Of PLDT Customers

This morning, I had my Fibr service disconnected and after verifying it to CSR, it is because I haven’t settled my account yet. I’m really mad and I’m like “tang ina talaga”. I have been calling ever since to settle my issue, I was also advised that I can settle my bill before March 8. Why the fuck did I get a disconnection? without even notice. pldt disconnection

So I went to PLDT office to settle my bill. I was surprised how many people are there complaining and are inline to pay their bill. These people also got their internet disconnected because of late payment. PLDT usually cut offs every 8 of the month and this time, PLDT made its cut off on 1st of the month.

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I have people on the same boat with me. The thing is that PLDT have changed policies or changed their system without notice to its subscribers. People are really mad and one customer spoke out aloud to the CSR expressing his anger about what happened. We have work to do and we don’t want to waste time on this. We are customers that pay well, we should have been notified about their change of system.

So in the end, I have paid 4,655php, hoping to have my balance adjusted in the next billing. I had no choice because of the line of work I have. So after many days of calling and trying to fix my problem, after missing time for my work to go to PLDT center, having a disconnection from PLDT, I still lose and paid an amount I shouldn’t have to.

One thing is also bothering me about my bill. It maybe a part of a scam of PLDT. I have been charged of international texts added to my Iphone plan. Three international texts that cost me 27 pesos. Texts I didn’t used at all and I wouldn’t even try to do.

It’s sad that we here in the Philippines have no protection to poor service. Government even protects these companies from consumers. They have lock in periods instead of money back guarantees. It just sucks.

PS: These all are just based on my personal experience and it my be different to other users.