PLDT Home Fibr Review – 200mbps Unlimited Plan

pldt home fibr review

PLDT Home Fibr Review – 200mbps Unlimited Plan

PLDT Home Fibr Review – 200mbps Unlimited Plan 770 420 Bryan Bonifacio

There is no doubt that PLDT is the largest internet service provider in the Philippines, and it’s a fact that the internet here in the Philippines is terrible. The good thing is that, we are now catching up and can now experience higher speed internet connection through Fiber and LTE connections, which are becoming more and more available. Fiber connections are also becoming affordable since Globe and Converge are becoming bigger players in the field.

We have been using PLDT services for more than 15 years now. From a landline in my childhood days, to having a PLDT fibr internet connection now. It’s not like I’m a fan of PLDT, well in fact, PLDT have caused me a lot of trouble within the past couple of years. From the services I had from company, it’s with the Fiber connection that I’m became quite satisfied.

I have been using PLDT fibr plan in the past 4 years and I only had few problems. I started with the 20 Mbps, then went to 50 Mbps, and now, I’m subscribed with 200 Mbps. Having a 200 Mbps internet speed here in the Philippines is not necessary. It’s very useful for my online freelancing career and I can share it with a lot of people.

What is PLDT Fibr?

pldt home fibr review

PLDT fibr is a fiber optic internet connection offered by the telephone company. The plans starts at Plan P1299/mo for 3mbps which can be upgradable up to 1 Gbps for P20,000/mo. You read that right, it’s possible to have a gigabyte internet speed connection at your home (if you have the budget).

Fiber optics uses light particles to transmit data. It has the ability to provide better connections and can provide higher bandwidth.


There are still a lot of places where fibr connection is not available. Leaving people to choose between a DSL or a LTE connection.

In my personal experience, PLDT DSL tend to have more problems than Fibr. I experienced a lot of slow and no internet connection from wired connection, and sometimes, it takes days before they can fix it.

Fibr offers more speed and reliability than DSL. There’s no reason to choose DSL over Fibr (unless it is not available).

PLDT Fiber Speed Test

Here is a fresh home fibr speedtest results:

pldt home fibr speed test results

I usually get 185 to 195 Mbps speeds and around 190 Mbps download speeds.

PLDT Customer Service

At this point, PLDT customer service really sucks. Since they’re having issues with DOLE and thousands of people lost their jobs, it’s not surprising that they’ll be having a lot of issues. Their hotline and email support are not working, the only thing that is working right now is their Facebook Page (You wait days before you get a reply), or go into the nearest PLDT office (which you’ll find dozens of people in the line).

The funny thing is that their Facebook page is bombarded with negative comments. People who are angry and frustrated with their poor service right now.

I hope PLDT fixes its internal problems soon and can serve their customers right.

Wrapping Up

If I’ll rate it to 10, I’ll give PLDT home fibr a score of 6. It’s good for everything I need so far. If PLDT can fix it’s customer service support issues now, I’ll have no problems with it.

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