Photography Journey – Starting Point

I have always admired works of creativity. Weather it’s a cool animated video, a painting, drawing and pictures. What admire me most are pictures. For me, pictures does not only capture moments, they also show the perspective of a photographer.

Seeing photographers years before, I thought that photography pretty easy. Saying to myself that “If I just had a DSLR camera, I would have been a good photographer”. And a DSLR Camera came, a Canon EOS 650D which my sister bought. I was excited to take pictures and I always bring the camera to events. It’s just that after months passed, I slowly began to lose interest and I’m still sort of a beginner on an automatic mode.


One good decision I made is to join a local photography club named Litratista De Tarlac. A group of passionate photographers that welcomes any photography enthusiasts. With the group, I get to go to events, practice shooting and do all sorts of fun. What I like about the group is that it’s not just about doing photography. It’s a group for a cause that does regular charity works and helps the community.

Being on a group of photographers, I began to challenge myself to learn more about photography to lessen the intimidation I feel when we are shooting. I’m now learning to shoot in manual mode and understand how shutter speed, aperture and ISO works.


I’m still considering my self as a beginner. I’m not planning to be a professional photographer but I would like to capture stunning images and make people interested in it.

Gears as if now:

600dCanon EOS 600D Comes with a Kit lens of EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DC III Lens. It also comes with a tripod.



50 MM


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens 


I also have my iPhone 5s phone for mobile photography. Camera gears are really expensive to me so I would stick to what I have at the moment and maximize their usage. That’s for now. I’ll be sharing my experiences of fun and adventure.