Making Money with Propeller Ads (Adsense Alternative)

With my increased efforts in looking for a passive income, I have built sites and promoted different platforms. The ones that I have made money so far were from Google Adsense, Adfly, Pop Ads and some other networks. In the past few months, I have started promoting Propeller Ads with 3 sites that have a local niche related to my country Philippines. These sites don’t have quality content but they get daily visitors.

I have tried combining Propeller Ads with Google Adsense and so far, I haven’t have a problem with my sites. I only used Pop Under with Propeller ads and I’m now earning around extra $25 from the sites monthly.

7-2-2016 8-12-20 PM

Setting Up Ads

Setting up the ads is pretty straightforward. First, you need to add a new site, verify the domain, and wait for it to be approved. Propeller ads also accept blogspot sites though I’m not sure for other blogging platforms. They have pop under ads, direct ads, banner ads, Dialog Ads/Push Up and interstitial ads. Once the site is approved, there are options to get the code for the type of ads you want to apply on the site.


Propeller Ads don’t issue payments through Paypal so I set up a Payoneer Account. They have the smallest withdrawal amount with Payoneer and it’s also very similar to Paypal.

propelleradsPropeller ads sends payments every 30 days. They release the payments automatically to those who reached the payment threshold. No need to issue a payment request or invoice.

Overall, Propeller ads is a great platform to promote. It’s pop under works well with other ads. This is also a great Adsense alternative for those who got banned or were not accepted. You can sign up with propeller ads on the link below.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please add a comment below or contact me in the contact page.