Working as a freelancer since 2010 helped me a lot to learn a lot of things about internet marketing. I have learned building websites, SEO, Social media marketing and the basics of internet marketing. Like I said in my about post, I’ll be sharing my experiences in finding ways to earn money online.

I have tried building money sites in the past years, and because of inconsistency¬†and laziness, nothing had that much of a success. Some made money and some didn’t. Want I want to do right now is to start building money sites which can provide extra income to me.

Why An Adult Site?

I have to admit that I used to watch a lot of porn and check out a lot of adult stuff before, I would like to think that here in the Philippines, a lot of people are hooked up to such things. I have built an adult site around February and I would like to create a proper journal of it right now.


Domain Name: $9.86 from
Domain Hosting: 13.95/month from Site5, I also use the hosting for other sites.
Theme: $19, Schema theme
Content: I have been copying content from other sites and credited them. I haven’t had copyright issues yet.


Propeller Ads

Statistics and Earnings:

Since around February to now, the site has around 2500 post. It’s easy to put up posts because most are just copied content. I put up around 100 posts per week with the help of my computer shop attendant.

I’m currently ranking first for the keyword I targeted. I’m gaining around 30k views a day. The keyword I targeted has search results of 100k-1m per month on Keyword Planner.


Total earnings from Exoclick: $107.53

Total earnings from Propeller Ads: $38.42


I’ll be planning to consistently put up posts of around 20 per week. I’ll also try to find a better way to monetize the site. having 30k views per day and earning around $2 dollar on it is not quite a profit.