How To Make Money At Home By Freelancing

The Internet plays a big role in our world today. Not just as a tool for communication, it is also important in a way that many businesses and people are dependent on it to make money. Like for example Facebook, Google and Twitter, their business mainly circulates within the internet.

It has been very useful that you can look for any information you want to know within seconds. You can communicate with someone thousand of miles away within few clicks. You can also easily stream music, watch movie online and my favorite part, Making Money. In this article, I’ll show you a way to earn money by freelancing.

What is Freelance?

Literally, a freelancer is a person that is not committed to an employer for long term. Doesn’t mean getting fired always. What I would define it is getting a lot of opportunities. Opportunities to work on many different projects, learn from many clients, and work on your preferred aspects. The good thing is, it is now easy to work freelance online. Being an example myself, I work as a freelancer on oDesk and had some good projects. Also met good people online and still working with them in and out of oDesk.

Where to start?

You can start by checking these freelancing sites below:



3. Textbroker 

4. Guru


6. 99designs

These sites offer variety of jobs/clients depending on your skills. Some skills like writing, design, programming are in demand with these sites. There is a broad range of job opportunities that are available so check the sites. I personally work on oDesk and just read good reviews from the other sites.

PROS and Cons of working online based on experience.


  1. Time is very flexible – I can work any time I want and wherever I want. I can shred of some time if there is an occasion or an important thing to do outside work. Since I work at home, I will also have more time for work deducting the time for transportation and preparing myself.

  2. I’m the boss – Working at my own time frame. I have no other person to talk to instead of my client directly. I’m responsible for decisions and no one

  3. Control on job – I have the control on which job I want to work on or the client I want to work with.


  1. Not steady work loads and hours – Since I have my own time, It’s hard to differentiate personal hours and working hours. I am easily distracted and turned away from work when something comes up.

2. Finding Jobs – I need to find projects and jobs unlike the traditional job, the tasks are handed.

  1. Benefits – I don’t enjoy employee benefits like healthcare, sick leave, vacations and etc. No work is no pay.

  2. Social Life – It’s hard to socialize to other people since I don’t meet a lot of people since I’m alone at my home working. Good thing I have a girlfriend and friends to spend my time aside from work.


While there are benefits of working at home as a freelancer, there is also a downside. It will depend on the situation of a person. Like for example, a stay at home mom that want to earn money while taking care of her children. Or people who just want to experience working online. You can check my online profile and see how it looks like.