How To Record Your Screen While Gaming With Fraps

There are times you want to record your self while gaming with your PC. Either you want to capture your gaming skills, have fun, or maybe have seen a popular gamer channel like Pewdiepie, you can easily capture your screen while playing. One of the most known software for recording screen while gaming is Fraps. Fraps can easily capture high quality video and audio while playing your favorite game. It can capture video up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.

I usually record myself playing android games on my computer. I then upload them to one of my Youtube Channel to earn some bucks from Youtube monetization program. Being in the program, I can’t imagine how big Pewdiepie and other popular Youtube gamers make. So why not try and start your own gaming channel?

Fraps have a free trial version of the software and I’ll honestly say it will not do well. You will need to purchase the product if you are serious with stuff.

Here are the settings I use with the software. It is an easy to use software but a good computer is also important.

How to record pc gaming

Movies Settings



Conclusion: With Fraps, recording your screen while gaming is very easy. It also records audio and capture screenshots.