How to Prevent Facebook From Showing New Friendship Status Publicly

In the past recent days while browsing Facebook, I have noticed that when a friend of mine gets a new friend, sometimes it shows on my news feed. The new friend status is a thing that people can like, put reactions and even post a comment. Some would probably think that this is just nothing to be bothered of, but there are people like me, who experienced being bullied or made fun of with this thing and vice versa, me as a part of the people preying on a victim.

Here is a perfect example. People comment and react on the new friendship.


I’ve also seen worse than this. I really find this thing funny but in order to save yourself from this, there are just simple steps to do.

  1. Go to your profile > Go to friends tab > Click the edit button > Click Edit Privacy.


  1. On friend list, change the option to public into only me. You can also change the Following to only me so that when you follow someone, it will not show on your friends feed.

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