How To Limit The Bandwidth Usage Of A Program Using Netlimiter

Limiting the bandwidth usage of a program is a good trick to manage internet usage. When there are many users on a single Internet Service Provider, it is inevitable that one would eat up the whole source of internet, specially when that user is on Youtube or downloading files.

One solution is to limit the bandwidth limit of a program through the use of a software. There are probably many software that are available out there but the one I use is Netlimiter.

The Netlimiter is a program that gives a user control with his network. It allows user to decide how much bandwidth an application will use.


The software has a user-friendly interface and it’s pretty to use. It has a box to be ticked and the software will affect the application. The download and upload limit can then be changed for the application.

Let’s Try It

I would like to try it with chrome which is the usually used browser here. Below is the speedtest result while the program is not running. I have a normal internet connection of 20mbp/s and this is what I normally get. speedtest pldt fibr

I have set the download speed for chrome to 100kb/s.

100 kb

Here is what I got.

Slow Internet Connection

This is a simple solution for people who want to limit the bandwidth usage of an application for PC. There are many alternatives out there but it is what I use right now and I find it very effective.