How To Extract A Sound From A Video Using VLC

Depending on the purpose, there are times that we need to extract an audio from a video. In my case, I was needing a voice recording of myself for an interview. Without having a good microphone, I used a DSLR camera to record myself talking and then extracted the audio from the video.

Good thing there is VLC. A freeware that is not just for playing music and videos, but can also be used to convert them. Here is how to extract an audio from a video and save it as mp3.

VLC Convert files

Click Media then click Convert/Save

Convert and save VLC

Add the file you want to convert.
Add File You want to convert

Click Convert/Save

Convert Save

Select what type of file do you want to save it. In this case, I’ll choose mp3.

Audio mp3

You will now have a mp3 file based from the video. Let me know if there are problems,