How To Enable Right Click From Sites That Disabled It

There are sites that disables the use of right clicking to prevent users from copying content from their site. While hitting ctrl+ C might still work for text, it’s not quite easy for images.

It’s not a good thing to steal content from websites but sometimes, we need to get information that would be helpful in the future. Like infographics, informative text and other stuff.

Disabling the right-click mouse button can be useful to prevent thieves from stealing content from a site but it can easily be penetrated with just simple steps.

For Chrome Users

  1. First is go to Settings.


  1. Go to advance settings.advance_settings

  2. Go to content.content_settings

  3. Click “Do not allow any site to run Javascript”.javascript_off

For Mozilla Firefox users

  1. Type about:config and search for Javascript. You can then right click it and toggle it to false.


It is important to allow Javascript to run again after getting the content you want because most sites use Javascript and they will not function properly when it is off.




  • Lewis Long

    This is a good trick. Another method you can use without disabling JavaScript is to open the developer tools ( view -> developer -> developer tools / ctrl + shift + i (cmd + option + i)) you can click the little square with the pointer icon can click on different images/objects you want to inspect or copy. Works in Chrome and Firefox.