Facebook Messenger Hidden Basketball Game

So after getting the news of Facebook’s new basketball game on its messenger, I was thrilled and excited to try it. I love basketball and I think that almost anything that is related to basketball would interest me.

Yesterday morning, I searched on how to play the basketball game and Google showed lifehacker’s post about it. You would need to send the basketball icon on messenger and tap it to start playing the game. I sent the ball to my girlfriend and the sad part is that it didn’t worked on my end. Later that night, my girlfriend is playing the game and I’m seeing notifications on our chat.

basketball- fb-messenger


I’m like, Facebook! Why you do this to me :(((. Today, I just found out that I can play it. The game is simple but not easy. You tap the ball and shoot it to have a point. After scoring 10 points, the ring moves from left to right. After 20 points, it would go faster. I’m not sure after 30 points since I didn’t got to that point.

The cool part is you will see the high score on the upper right corner of your chat box. So you can send many balls to your friends and challenge them. It’s just kinda frustrating losing. Try it it’s fun 🙂