It has been almost 3 years since me and my brothers started a computer shop business (Internet Cafe). Being addicted to computer games during childhood days, it was a dream for us to own a computer shop. You get to play for free, and at the same time, you earn money from other computers that are for rent. What would I ask for? It was after so many years since then where we were able to finally build our own computer shop business.

For starters, managing a computer shop business is not that easy as expected. As for experience, a successful computer shop would boil down to several factors. The most important factor would be the location of your business. Other than the location, you must be knowledgeable with computers and have great management skills.

Internet Cafe Business Startup

Internet Shop Business Setup

Having small budget at hand, we managed to build a simple internet cafe with 15 units. Without having any previous business experience and not knowing many people on the trade, we had to rely on research and own ideas.

Here are some things to think about when starting a computer shop business.

  1. Location – Location would be the primary factor when stating out a computer shop business.
  2. The name of your computer shop business – In our case, we have named our internet cafe business Techhub. I would like to give the impression that our internet shop is not only about computer rentals. We’re more of that and can provide other services.
  3. The design – I have been in-charged with the design of the shop. From tables, chairs, the color of the paint, place of electric outlets, electric fans, lights and etc. I’m not an architect but I did my best.
  4. Finding People – Without knowing many people, we had to find a good electrician, welder, carpenter.
  5. Computer Specs – It’s important to have decent computer specs that will be able to play the current trending games.
  6. Permits – Depending on location, there are different kinds of permits that are needed.
  7. Curfew – There are places that the curfew is strict, luckily in our area, it’s not that strict and we don’t have many minor customers.

7. Computer shop attendant – It is really a need to find a reliable, trustworthy, and a knowledgeable computer shop attendant who knows basic things such as printing and researching.

Is Computer Shop Business Still Profitable?


With biggies like Mineski Infinity and TNC, and more competitors rising, is it still profitable to start a computer shop business? After 2 years of operating a small computer shop business, Yes it is still profitable.

For a net shop with 15 units, located in a good location, the sales would be around P40-P50,000 with profits of around P20-30,000 per month. This is a good case, and will probably not be the case for other computer shop business. It depends on the competition, the pricing and the services offered on the computer shop.

How To Find A Good Location For A Computer Shop Business?

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Finding a good location for a computer shop business determines the success of it. A good location must provide a lot of traffic, few competitors, good internet availability and have a decent rent price.

A computer shop near a school would get a lot of traffic from students and have a market a good market for photocopy, printing and research services. The downside of this location is that there is probably a lot of competitors and it would be expected to have lesser profit during vacation.

For me, I would pick a location where the area is very populated. A residential area where there are few people who have an internet connection. A location where the availability of good internet is hard (Internet connection to be supplied by using point to point).

Services to Offer in a Computer Shop

Here are some services that we offer in our computer shop and some ideas.

  • Computer rentals
  • Document Printing
  • Photo Printing
  • Sticker Printing
  • Xerox
  • Research
  • Load
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Typing Job
  • Downloads
  • Scan
  • Simple editing tasks

The more services, the more potential income. The more services, it’s harder to manage and it really needs to have a skilled computer shop attendant.

Knowledge in Computers

Aside from having a good location for the business, it is important to have great knowledge about computers. Like any business, you should know what you are doing. If you have zero knowledge about computers and want to start a computer shop business, you can check out ULOP(Unified Lanshop Owners Forum) and Internet Shop Owners of the Philippines to learn and be familiarized with the business.


Right now, we are operating with 3 branches of a computer shop business. They are still creating profit. So yes, it is still profitable to start a computer shop business. But with any business, it takes a lot of effort and good management to succeed.

If you have questions, just leave a comment below.

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