I have been working online for the last 7 years and have promoted a lot of different services and platforms. I have also joined a networking company years ago which is UNO ( Unlimited Networks of Opportunities). Last week, I have started promoting and working with Alifelong Marketing on the side.

How did I hear about the company?

I have a friend which is a successful businessman, an engineer, and the kind of person who would not do anything to hurt his reputation told me that he invested in this company. He said that he invested around half a million with this network. Having known him for years, I know that he is the type of person that would risk that much without making sure that his money will return.

What is Alifelong?

Based on their about page, Alifelong Marketing and Services Inc. is an online advertising platform that has various business clientele abroad who needs online traffic and presence.

It’s a marketing & services website which also utilizes the MLM business model to easily get a lot of people to join their company.

How to Earn With Alifelong?

There are multiple ways to earn with alifelong, here are some I know as of now.

1. Sign Up Reward  – You get rewards for the accounts you buy for yourself. That would be $6 for each account. I got myself 15 accounts so I already earned $90.


2. Sponsor Affiliate – You get earnings from each account your downline buys. I have earned $48 from 24 accounts they bought.

3. Youclick Program – With the Youclick program, you get to provide service to the company by clicking for them. You get $10 every day for clicking and after you reached $50, you can already withdraw your earnings via your bank account.

Here is what it looks like when you start clicking:

In this way, you don’t need any invites at all to earn back your investments. Your initial investment will surely profit.

5. Match Sales Reward – Because alifelong is an MLM business model, people you have referred to the business will become your downlines. Your account will have 2 sites, the left, and the right. Once you have paired one on each, you get bonus cash.

6. Leveling Bonus – You get bonuses when you reach a certain amount of level in your genealogy.

How Much Do You Need to Invest?

In order to start, you need to invest P1,500 per account. Each account will make have a profit of P1,000 after finishing Youclick. You also get bonuses from binary, referrals, and sign up bonus. The more accounts you get, the more profit from Youclick and the more bonus. Here are my earnings from bonuses.

To join need to have a sponsor or a person who will refer you. If you want to join my team and want me to help you make money, you can contact me at [email protected], 09051066887 or message me here at facebook www.facebook.com/bryzzzzz.

How Much Did I Invest?

I have invested a total of P22,500 for 15 accounts. The bonuses I got from 15 accounts is around $220 already. After getting downlines, here are my total bonus earnings on the first week.

Here is the break down of my total investment and earnings.

Initial investment: P22, 500 (15 accounts)
Earnings on accounts: 52, 430
Estimated Profit: P29, 930

Payments Received: 0

Is the Company Legit?

Here are some documents I found about the company.

Payment System

They have been using Coins.ph before for their payment system. Right now, they use bank accounts with the help of Paynamics system. I haven’t been paid yet because I have just started last week. I’ll update this once I get paid.


I’m positive about the company, the clicking service shows popads which tells me that the company makes money somehow with the clicking service. I have doubled my money within a week of working and promoting the company.

If you are curios or interested about joining the company. You can sign up with my referall link.

After signing with my referall link, you can message me at https://www.facebook.com/bryzzzzz or text me at 09987911772



  • Mak0yk0y

    Hi, I have use your link and would like to know how will able to add an account? Can you educate me on this one?

    • After you have registered, you need to activate your account by buying mints(codes). Each mint costs 1,500 each. Unfortunately, they have stopped selling mints right now and will sell them again this January 2, 2018. I can buy mints for you then.

      • Mak0yk0y

        May I know why they stop selling codes? Can I buy codes by myself or is it need to buy from the upline or sponsor?

        • You need to buy codes from your upline/sponsor. They stop selling codes because there has been some backlogs because of change in the payment system. They have been using coins.ph before and now they are using paynamics. To fix the backlogs and some delay in payments, they stopped selling codes as of now.

          • Mak0yk0y

            Thanks Bryan, I will think about this online business opportunity and contact you on FB/Messenger if I still have questions.