It has been 2 weeks since I joined Alifelong, everything was smooth, I got my mints within the day, activated my accounts and started clicking the next day. Within my first week, I have already successfuly invited downlines and have generated me around $400 from rewards. The problem is that the company is facing a big problem with their payment system.

I should have able to withdraw my generated rewards last last Monday and I should have able to process my payments from Youclick last friday. But unfortunately, enhcashments are still unavailable.

What Is The Cause?

Here are the events that caused the problem with payments. (Based on my uplines and based on what I understand).

  1. The company was first using as a payment system.

  2. Alifelong had issues with and decided to changet their payment system.

  3. Payouts for Nov. 24 and forward have been affected.

  4. Alifelong has provided bank withdrawal options through PNB and RCBC.

  5. Members were still unable to withdraw their payments.

  6. Alifelong partners with Paynamics for automated payments. More banks are now for withdrawals.

  7. Issues with IT department and issues with wrong information entered by members.

  8. As of today, Dec. 28, 2017, the payouts for Nov. 24 were not received yet

Here is a statement from the company that is circulated (Not sure if it’s legit).

Alifelong Delayed Payment

This is a good update and it’s a good thing they stopped selling mints(accounts) so they can prioritize with fixing their payment system.

Is Alifelong A Scam?

It is still too soon to say if alifelong is a scam, the company is still in operation and I believe that they are working their butts of to solve their problem.

A lot of investors are really dissapointed because they have expected to receive money before Christmas and New Year. Still, everyone is still in bliss, not knowing when we’ll be paid.

It’s worrysome and troublesome to a lot of people who have put in too much money and effort.

Alifelong Opportunity

If they are able to fix their payment issues, and if the company really makes money out of Youclick system, Alifelong would really be a great opportunity. It will be easy to make a lot of money out of it.

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