Backlogs, unpaid accounts, desperate and mad people – This is the current situation for thousands of Alifelong members that have shed money to the company in hopes of having high profits.

Is there still hope for the money invested? Is Alifelong really a scam?

As a person who promoted Alifelong, It’s still too early for me to say that it is a scam.


Because currently, they are still disbursing payments. They are now using Flairtech services to accompany them with the payments.

Flairtec is now in charge of all Alifelong payments. The problem is that they are only able to pay few accounts per day. They pay around 100 accounts per days and there would be probably more than 20,000 accounts to pay. So it will really take a long time to settle all those accounts. Here are some of their payments made.  

There are a lot of people who have invested in Alifelong that are affected by the delayed payments. People who are now in debt, friendships that are destroyed. What I can say is that we all need to wait and be patient.

My Verdict:

The first few months of Alifelong was smooth. There are many people who made a lot of money in this time frame. If Alifelong will pay, it will be nice, but if it was really a scam in the first place and will not pay, all I can do is move on and look for other better ways to make money and invest in.