Hello and welcome to my site! This is my little space on the internet where I share my thoughts, ideas and experiences in freelancing, making money and life. I want it to become my little diary.

A little about me, ahem. First of all, I don’t have a perfect English so bear with it. I think it is at least at a level of being understood. Writing on this blog will give me practice and will improve my English a little better.


I have been working as a freelancer at Upwork since 2012. I have worked with several clients doing web development projects, SEO stuff, and general VA tasks. I’m inclining myself in doing more Web development stuff and doing some business to have a passive income.

It’s fun and hard at the same time working as a freelancer. You need to be dedicated to gain skills and provide quality service to clients.


As I progress with my blog, I want to share information with people about my success, failures, and struggles in making money and in life.

Living in a 3rd world country means to live with struggles. From poverty, traffic, corruption, criminality and it goes on. Despite all that, I still think that the Philippines is a beautiful country. I want to be a successful person to provide better opportunities for my fellow countrymen.