Starting A Computer Shop In 2015 – Is It Still Worth It?

Computer shop business – is it still profitable? As more and more competitors rising up, electricity price has skyrocketed, and computer rental rates is becoming cheaper and cheaper, is it still a good idea to put up a computer rental business? Based on experience, it is maybe a yes or a no. For the profitable part, I would still say that it is profitable but there are many factors that are needed to be considered.

Here are some Factors to be considered when starting a computer shop business.

Computer Shop Setup

1. Knowledge in Computers

Before digging on any business, you need to know all the corners of the business you want to put up. Computers are generally user friendly but when it comes to the technical part, you should know the basic troubleshooting and repair. Google is a friend when dealing with unfamiliar errors or problems. You should also know what computer specs you’ll be going to use for your computer shop. It would be either an Intel build or an AMD build

Skills that are really handy while operating:

Reformatting Computers
Knowledge in Microsoft Office
Basic Networking
Knowledge in Windows
Installing and uninstalling Apps/Games
Scanning Printing
Scanning and Printing

You can always hire a person to do this stuff, but it is better to have knowledge on it. On my computer shop, I have my own computer as my work station and have one personnel to do the basic tasks like dealing with customers.

2. Expenses

Computer Shop Business 2015Starting this type of business will require a good amount of capital depending for the number of computers to be put up. For a 15 computer setup, I think around 250-300 thousand php will do. We averaged 20,000 php on expense on our first two months of operation.

Some of the expenses to take note:

Computer Units                 Electricity
Aircondition                       Water
Electrical                           Cleaning Tools
Table and Chairs               Personel
Shop furnishing

3. Location

Looking for a good location is important for a business. The area must have a good number of people residing with no or minimum competitors. First thing to do before getting a place for computer shop is to apply for internet connection and check if there is a slot available. I would recommend going for PLDT DSL for ISP provider since they are the best here in the Philippines.




After months of operating a computer shop, I achieved building a fun and engaging community, became friends with many of my customers and helped many people with their projects and assignments. I also have extended my knowledge in computers and at the same time, we have profits.