Receiving my First Google Adsense Earnings

In the search of ways to look for other income aside from freelancing, I have came up with some offline and online methods to earn money. One of my offline method is by operating a computer shop business that generates a passive income. Even though it is profitable, it really takes time to return the investment made. What I’m focusing right now is to generate passive earnings from different online methods.

It’s been quite some time since I started promoting Google Adsense and just recently, I have received my first payment. It is just slightly higher than the payment threshold of $100. It’s not a great amount of money but still a good start.


I have promoted Google Adsense across multiple blogs and I’v been with a lot of testing and experimenting. My next target would be to increase my earnings and to create more Adsense websites

Applying for Google Adsense


Adsense is a good way to monetize a blog or site. I would recommend it for those who are starting out a blog. When applying for Adsense, it is best that the blog has it’s own domain name and hosting. I have posted before about getting a good hosting and domain name for a website. Aside from getting a self-hosted blog, a blog must have good content and it must have necessary pages like contact information.

Google manually check the sites for approval. It is important to check their requirements before submitting a site for approval. I got rejected before because of having a post about a hack.

I’m happy with what I have achieved so far with Google Adsense. I would be looking forward in making more money with it.