PLDT Home Fibr Review

We all know that the internet here in the Philippines sucks. It has one of the slowest speeds and it is also expensive. While there are people in the government that are trying to help since then, there is still no good solution for the general internet users.  With less competition in the internet industry, I believe that we will still be far behind and will just rely on PLDT for our internet.

Because of working at home as a freelancer, my work is dependent on the internet and there are many times that PLDT has let me down. Having no internet for a day will give me problems on my work. Maybe it will be easier if the schedule the downs on Sundays or maybe in the dawn. Since I’m here to embrace what is available, I’ve been into PLDT in the last years because it is much stable than the other services available. It’s the only choice where you can play games with low ping here in the Philippines since PLDT owns the network.

fibrGoing into Fibr, PLDT now offers fiber plans that has speeds of up to 200 Mb/s priced at 20,000 php. Well that is really not affordable for me so I applied for the cheapest which is plan 20 Mb/s  for 3500 php. I had an existing PLDT plan which is still in locked in period and there is no issues going into Fibr because it is considered as an upgrade.

The Speed

Good to say that I have been getting the speed for what I pay. Hadn’t had down issues in the week that I’m using it. I’m getting around 18-19 Mb/s of download speed and 10 Mb/s upload speed.  I’m pretty much satisfied with the speed that I’m getting.

PLDT Fibr Speed Test Philippines


I’m getting the speed they are offering for the Fibr plan. But still, it is pretty expensive getting a Fibr plan. I hope that PLDT can make it cheaper and faster like Google Fiber. Google Fiber offers a Gigabit internet for just 70$. Gigabit? Maybe it is still a dream for people like me who lives here at the Philippines.

  • Dhom

    Just want to know if you’ve been offered an upgrade to 50 Mbps. And what area you live in since connectivity – I believe – affects where you live. Thanks.

    • The CSR said that our internet speed will be upgraded to 50Mbps eventually. I was a little bit furious because we are in a locked in period and the new 50mbps plan only costs 2899. I will wait further on what PLDT will do to existing users.

  • jun from qc

    The PLDT FIBR promo is a hoax. I got the Fibr plan over a month ago but up to now Cgnal is not connected. For them to install the Cgnal, they are asking me to upgrade my payment by P800. Because of this I wanted to stop my service but they say I can’t because I am locked in.

    I got PLDT Fibr even if it is more expensive than Globe Fiber becausee it promised me the Cgnal cable.

    What a cheap trick!!!

    I hope DTI will take note of this.

    • I would still prefer PLDT Fiber over Globe Fiber. Is your current plan P2899/month or P3500/month? So far so good naman service nila sa akin. Upgraded na ako to 50mbps:

      • jun from qc

        I got the P5,000/month plan with 100Mbps.

        if I only knew that the PLDT Fibr combo with Cgnal is a hoax, then I would have gotten the Globe Fiber 200Mbps for only P4,500 and I would have gotten twice the speed for less money. (BTW, Globe Fiber 100Mbps is only P3,500!)

        I would think that a big company like PLDT would not resort into cheap tricks like this.

        • That’s very unfortunate to hear. Try emailing their customer service because sometimes they resolve issues faster. Other CSR rep on phone doesn’t know much. It’s just sad that we consumers have no protection when we are unsatisfied with the service we got.

  • M.A.G

    Is pldt fibr available now in tuguegarao city?

  • MEEE

    Sus. Ganyan naman yang mga service provider. First week or month mabilis. Pero pag tumagal na, sus sakit na sa ulo. Update mo blog mo after months. lets see

    • I’m still getting the same speed with my Fibr and never had a problem with it. Ang problema ko ay kumuha ako ng iPhone 5c plan sa Fibr ko at binibill ako ng for 6s. Ilang months na d pa rin naaayos.

  • Jacky

    Hey Bryan,

    Glad this worked out for you. Most of the benefits are in Manila.

    I’m in Cebu City, download 5mps, upload .65 upstream which is disgusting.

    Customer service here in Cebu City doesn’t know what an “upstream” or “upload” is or there just dickin around with me. I can’t get over that these people lie to customers and call themselves “Catholic”!! These people need serious training.

    All I want to do is have the upstream increased to at least 4 mb/s. Any suggestions or contacts that I can connect with here? Your help is appreciated.