Enjoying Pldt Fibr’s 50Mbps Upgrade

After getting PLDT Fibr months before, I was pretty satisfied with the service and for me, it’s one of the best choice for people like me who do a living on the internet. Just around 2 months after I acquired Fibr, they rolled out their new Power Plus Plan offering 50 Mb/s for only P2899. What I did was immediately called CSR of PLDT asked how can I take advantage of the upgrade and lessen my bill.

Since my service is new, it is still in lock in period upgrading for the 2899 plan is considered as a downgrade and not as an upgrade . It’s paying more money for less internet speed. What I learned is that our plan will soon be upgraded to 50 Mb/s speed and will pay the same amount of P3600. Not a big problem for me since I was expecting 20 Mb/s of speed on the first place.

Just a few days ago, I got the speed upgrade and it gave a satisfying speed of around 50 Mb/s average speed.


Here are some of the things I now enjoy that are not possible before:

  1. Watching HD Youtube Videos without buffering – I think many of us here in the Philippines are used to pausing Youtube videos and wait it to buff. Not a problem anymore.
    12-15-2015 11-12-29 PM

  2. Uploading/Sending Photos – Taking pictures from DSLR cameras create huge file size for photos. Now, I have no problem sending gigs size of files. Uploading pictures PLDT Fibr

  3. Work better and faster – I can download and send files easier and can browse websites faster. Work Better

Conclusion: The faster the internet speed, the better. I’m aware that PLDT fibr is not yet available on many areas so I think it’s better to wait and not dig in to other services which are not reliable. What I noticed is that the number of Globe agents that are  going house to house are increasing. One talked to me and offered me their 5 Mb/s internet which I believe is capped at some point. I can’t describe his face when I said “Sorry kuya naka 50 Mb po kasi ako na plan dito (Sorry I have a 50 Mb/s plan here) ”
What I still need is a fast mobile internet service which there is none yet in my area.

  • Bryle

    Could you take a speedtest right now? Looking to upgrade to the same plan. Wanted to know if the speeds stay that high even after a few months.

  • Yves Decena

    Is your plan 2899 capped? Or nah?

  • Drobert Latasa

    Do you pay a separate fee for the landline?

    • Nope, as of now I pay 3500 for the Fibr and landline. It would be 2899 for new users.

      • Drobert Latasa

        okay. I just availed of the switch with 50% off. after the 1 year promo I am planning to avail of the 2899 since konti nlng difference sa babayaran ko after 1 year na 1995+600 for landline. currently 8mbps DSL pero fiber tech

        ty for answering