How To Change Your Computer Name In Windows 7

how to change computer name windows 7

When you bought a new computer with the OS already installed, you might want to change the computer name they have used. While I manage a computer shop business, I have dealt a lot of this because transferring workstations from different places requires me to change their names so they ...

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Visual Editor Not Working in WordPress 4.2 Fix

Visual editor not working

It got me frustrated when suddenly, my visual editor stopped working. When creating a new post, all seems to work in accordance except the visual editor. I went to Google and start searching for a solution. Some quick steps that might solve the error are the following: Disabling the plugins Changing ...

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How To Extract A Sound From A Video Using VLC

Convert Video to mp3

Depending on the purpose, there are times that we need to extract an audio from a video. In my case, I was needing a voice recording of myself for an interview. Without having a good microphone, I used a DSLR camera to record myself talking and then extracted the audio ...

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How To Record Your Screen While Gaming With Fraps


There are times you want to record your self while gaming with your PC. Either you want to capture your gaming skills, have fun, or maybe have seen a popular gamer channel like Pewdiepie, you can easily capture your screen while playing. One of the most known software for recording screen ...

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January Earnings Report 2015

earnings report

It has been ages since my last post, and today, I have made a decision to make my lifeless blog come back to life. One of the things I want to discuss and share here at my blog is about making money online. How I’m creating ways on how to ...

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