How To Record Your Screen While Gaming With Fraps


There are times you want to record your self while gaming with your PC. Either you want to capture your gaming skills, have fun, or maybe have seen a popular gamer channel like Pewdiepie, you can easily capture your screen while playing. One of the most known software for recording screen ...

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January Earnings Report 2015

earnings report

It has been ages since my last post, and today, I have made a decision to make my lifeless blog come back to life. One of the things I want to discuss and share here at my blog is about making money online. How I’m creating ways on how to ...

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How To Use Android Apps On Your Computer


Android has dominated the mobile community and most people are using an Android-based phone. I personally use an Android smartphone because it has more available apps and It is easier to tweak an Android phone than any other mobile OS. As I mostly do my work on my computer, It’s good ...

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How To Get A Domain Name For Your Blog

How to get domain for blog

In order to build websites that generate money, it is important to have a good identity for a site. Like its own name or brand. The term used for the name of a site is called a domain name. Like for example this site, my domain name is A domain ...

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How To Make Money At Home By Freelancing


The Internet plays a big role in our world today. Not just as a tool for communication, it is also important in a way that many businesses and people are dependent on it to make money. Like for example Facebook, Google and Twitter, their business mainly circulates within the internet. It ...

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